What Nurses are Saying About Infant Massage Instructor Training

“It was a very educational and fun training. This training can be beneficial for different goups or persons: Teenage Moms, Post Partum Moms,  Babies with heightened sensitivities.”

– Doris B      NYC,    RN, Doula, Educator

“I feel like infant massage is a secret that needs to be shared. It has so many benefits and I think our society would ultimately benefit from it with all the other stress we face each day. The course was wonderful. Loved it!”

– Luana L      Pennsylvania,        RN

“Not only is IAIM an in-depth educational experience for those interested in infant massage, it is also a wonderful experience in which you’ll share ideas and learn from others who have simiar intersts and a vast array of stories to tell. It’s such a wonderful 4 day journey.”

– Cindy V      NYC,        RN

Beyond my expectation. Moving experience.

– Debora D     Boston,        RN