Infant Massage Certification Trainings

Come gain wonderful skills to help families in your community. Become a Certified Educator of Infant Massage.  Below is a list of our four-day Trainings.  The date listed is the date the course begins. To register or learn more about the trainings, simply click on the preferred training date and then click the “Send Message now” link” to contact the trainer for that session.
Gain the experience, training, and confidence you need to begin working with parents and babies in your community.

Start DateLocationTrainer
22 Oct, 2014Houston, TX L. Charlton
28 Oct, 2014Knoxville, TN L. Storm
30 Oct, 2014Watertown (Boston Area), MA J. Wright
31 Oct, 2014Boulder, Co. D. Elliott
5 Nov, 2014Las Vegas, NV L. Charlton
6 Nov, 2014Fayetteville, AR J. Lewis
10 Nov, 2014New York City, NY J. Wright
10 Nov, 2014Santa Cruz, CA M. Curtis
10 Nov, 2014Germantown (Memphis), TN L. Storm
14 Nov, 2014Ashland, OR J. Lewis
18 Nov, 2014Farmington (Hartford Area), CT J. Wright
20 Nov, 2014Conshohocken, PA O. Morris
3 Dec, 2014Springfield, VA L. Storm
4 Dec, 2014Tucson, AZ O. Morris
9 Dec, 2014Chicago, IL J. Wright
27 Dec, 2014Ithaca, NY J. Tutuska
2 Jan, 2015Greenwood Village (Denver), CO L. Charlton
8 Jan, 2015Oakland, Ca. D. Elliott
12 Jan, 2015Brooklyn, NY L. Storm
14 Jan, 2015Dallas, TX L. Charlton
22 Jan, 2015Honolulu, HI M. Elmsäter
27 Jan, 2015Sherman Oaks, CA M. Curtis
9 Feb, 2015Nashville, TN L. Storm
11 Mar, 2015Salt Lake City, UT L. Charlton
8 Apr, 2015Laramie, WY L. Charlton
21 Apr, 2015New York City, NY J. Wright
22 Apr, 2015Austin, TX L. Charlton
23 Apr, 2015Downers Grove, IL O. Morris
4 May, 2015Watertown (Boston Area), MA J. Wright
6 May, 2015Colorado Springs, CO L. Charlton
19 May, 2015Eagleville (Philadelphia area), PA J. Wright
2 Jun, 2015Chicago, IL J. Wright
16 Jun, 2015Farmington (Hartford Area), CT J. Wright
18 Aug, 2015New York City, NY J. Wright
27 Oct, 2015Chicago, IL J. Wright
8 Dec, 2015Farmington (Hartford Area), CT J. Wright

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