Benefits Of Infant Massage

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Below is a list of the sources for the documented benefits listed on the Benefits of Infant Massage page (here).

Supports Bonding & Attachment

  1. [2017] [Spain] Benefits of the Infant Massage Noticed by Mothers In a Primary Care Centre

  2. [2012] [Korea] The Effects of Baby Massage on Attachment between Mother and their Infants

  3. [2017] [Portugal] Infant massage improves attitudes toward childbearing, maternal satisfaction and pleasure in parenting

  4. [2001] [London] Infant massage improves mother–infant interaction for mothers with postnatal depression

Encourages Non-Verbal Communication

  1. [2014] [USA] Why the body comes first: effects of experimenter touch on infants' word finding

Reduces Violence & Abuse

  1. CDC - Nurturing Parent Skills

  2. CDC - Approaches

  3. [2002] [USA] Violence and touch deprivation in adolescents

Improves Sleep Quality

  1. [2017] [USA] Massage-based bedtime routine: impact on sleep and mood in infants and mothers

  2. [2007] [USA] Preterm infants show reduced stress behaviors and activity after 5 days of massage therapy

  3. [2013] [Brazil] Therapeutic touch: influence on vital signs of newborns

Reduces Stress

  1. [2000] [Delhi] Effects of massage & use of oil on growth, blood flow & sleep pattern in infants

  2. [2016] [Iran] Effects of Gentle Human Touch and Field Massage on Urine Cortisol Level in Premature Infants: A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial

Improves Self Regulation

  1. [2001] [USA] Sleep Problems in Infants Decrease Following Massage Therapy

Supports Physical Development

  1. [2000] [Delhi] Effects of massage & use of oil on growth, blood flow & sleep pattern in infants

  2. [2009] [Italy] Massage Accelerates Brain Development and the Maturation of Visual Function

  3. [2002] [England] Increasing touch between parents and children with disabilities: preliminary results from a new programme

Supports Brain Development

  1. [2010] [Brazil] Massage therapy improves neurodevelopment outcome at two years corrected age for very low birth weight infants

  2. [2019] [Spain] Effects of Massage Therapy and Kinesitherapy to Develop Hospitalized Preterm Infant's Anthropometry: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Relieves Digestive Discomfort

  1. [2016] [South Korea] The effects of massage therapy on physical growth and gastrointestinal function in premature infants: A pilot study

  2. 2016] [Iran] The effectiveness of massage therapy in the treatment of infantile colic symptoms: A randomized controlled trial

Relieves Pain & Tension

  1. [2006] [Canada] Prior leg massage decreases pain responses to heel stick in preterm babies

  2. [2017] [Hong Kong] The Effect of Upper Limb Massage on Infants’ Venipuncture Pain

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