Infant Massage USA has been helping parents and professionals offer nurturing touch to infants since 2005. We train educators and instruct parents, so that families are empowered with this incredible tool. 


I heartily endorse the work of Infant Massage USA® because the organization understands that touch is not just a good idea, it is a necessary nutrient. I would recommend that you spoil your children with the indulgence of your touch. Perhaps there is nothing quite so personal and intimate as the gift of infant massage, which enriches the parent as well as the baby. Infant massage establishes a tradition of touch that enhances your relationship with your child for years to come.
— Peggy O'Mara Editor and Publisher, Mothering

Our Mission

In partnership with the International Association of Infant Massage, our mission is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education, and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued, and respected throughout the United States and the world community.


Our Programs

Infant Massage USA promotes nurturing touch by: 


“Infant massage is an ancient art that connects you deeply with the person who is your baby, and helps you to understand your baby’s particular nonverbal language and respond with love and respectful listening. It empowers you as a parent, for it gives you the means by which you become an expert on your own child.”

— Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents