Mary Kay Keller

M.P.A., Ph.D.

Vice President

Dr. Mary Kay Keller is a Human and Family Scientist, Family Life Coach, Certified Educator of Infant Massage and a Certified Family Life Educator. Mary Kay has worked in the field of Families and Children for 25+ years in Early Head Start, Family & Child Support Center, Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect, Elder Abuse & Neglect, Substance Abuse & Mental Health, and Communicable Diseases. Mary Kay has served as an adjunct at Utah State University, Graduate Teaching Assistant at Florida State University and is currently an Assistant Professor and Chair of Applied Family Sciences at Wilmington University.  Mary Kay has served as the past president of the Family Support Utah Coalition and member of the Research committee; is currently on the Board of the Journal of Family Theory and Review -Digital Scholarship.

As a University professor Mary Kay primary focus is on Optimal Caregiving practices for children. Her interest are in: Bonding and Attachment, Emotional Availability, Mindfulness and Gratitude. She has taught and developed course curriculum in Family Life Education, Family Resource Management, Life Span Development, Parenting Education, Sexuality Education, Research to Practice and Prevention Science Qualitative Methods (in the Prevention Science Doctoral program), Mary Kay guides graduate students through the process of Practicum Experiences in the Community where they develop and evaluate family science programs. She developed the Capstone course curriculum in a Human Rights and Social Justice Framework to further support students' experiences and the communities in which they live/work. Additionally, Mary Kay has experience in Legislative and Policy Development, Non-Profit Administration and Community Development. Mary Kay has served in the community as the facilitator of a support group for parents who's infants died, interned in a NICU supporting parents, a GAL, a crisis worker for Domestic Violence and Rape and a school volunteer.   

As a consultant Mary Kay currently provides services to the public: Optimal Caregiving practices,  Family & Individual Life Coaching, and qualitative analysis reports for businesses,  Mary Kay is a member of the Family Life Coaching Association, the International Association of Infant Massage-US, the National Council on Family Relations, Family Science Association and the American Evaluation Association. Mary Kay is an enthusiastic cycling, mountain biking, photographer. She loves traveling to new places and experiencing other cultures. Mary Kay grew up in the Military and lived in Japan, France and across the United States. She is most passionate about the current state of children and practicing mindfulness, self-compassion and gratitude.