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IMUSA maintains a database available to our Educators and Trainers with organizations interested in hosting 4 Day Trainings or Infant Massage Classes. Adding your organization to our database and offering your space gives our Educators and Trainers valuable resources to promote infant massage education in your community.

Infant Massage USA Trainers provide comprehensive, evidence-informed four-day courses across the country.

After attending the four-day course and receiving certification, our Educators hold individual and group classes in their communities to teach parents / caregivers and their infants.

These classes support communities by improving the physical and emotional well-being of babies, enhancing parent-infant bonding, and facilitating long-term, positive emotional development in families.

The trainings and classes are often provided in locations like libraries, hospitals, yoga or massage studios, non-profit offices and community centers.

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Are you interested in connecting with our Trainers to host the 4 day Certified Educator Of Infant Massage training class?

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Are you interested in connecting with Student Educators or CEIMS to host classes for parents/caregivers & babies?