Allowing our Trainers access to a database of available spaces allows them to reach more communities and bring infant massage education to your community.

You can learn more about the 4 Day Training and curriculum here. Training class sizes vary and may generally be between 5 - 20 students. You can view a schedule of our current Trainings here.

Submitting this form adds your name to our database and lets our Trainers know of your interest to host a CEIM training at your location in the future but doesn't constitute any obligation on either side.


Offer Space For Trainers

Offering your space gives our Trainers a valuable resource to promote infant massage education in your community.

Review the minimum space requirements and submit the interest form below. Your information will be added to our database that is available for Trainers when they schedule their 4 Day Trainings.

A Trainer may get in touch with you to discuss your space in the future.

Minimum space requirements:

  • Availability for 4 days (usually consecutive)

  • Space for at least 5 - 20 students + parent/baby class portion of the Training

  • Basic amenities (restrooms available, parking nearby)

Interest Form

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