Parents & Caregivers



There are generally four main categories of benefits when viewing the benefits of infant massage -

  • Stimulation

  • Relaxation

  • Relief

  • Interaction

Below are some of the most commonly referenced benefits.

Supports Infant/Child Development

Infants who experience regular massage often see reduced stress, nervous system improvements and improved self-regulation and body-awareness.

In relevant studies, parents have reported improvements in many developmental aspects like muscle tone, joint mobility, sleep patterns, bowel movements and response to forms of therapy (such as physiotherapy). It is especially helpful for children who require extra support, including babies born premature, babies born addicted, and HIV+ babies.

Our classes teach parents/caregivers how to incorporate nurturing touch safely into their lives and with the individualized attention their baby deserves.


Research supports that infant massage and infant massage parent education programs can increase parent confidence and attachment, result in greater success in adapting to and developing strategies to cope with parenthood and can benefit mothers with postpartum depression by helping them to relate to their baby and inducing the release of oxytocin.

Our classes are cue-based and baby-driven. Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to respond to the individual needs of their babies.

The classes are warm and relaxing, allowing individual baby’s needs to be considered and the small class sizes (or individual support) and structured once-a-week format allows the time and space to learn from each others’ knowledge and experiences.


The CDC identifies nurturing parenting skills as one of the most important protective factors for lessening child abuse and neglect with approaches that enhance parent skills and promote healthy child development having a demonstrated effect on prevention.

Our classes ensure parents/caregivers are educated on nurturing touch, bonding techniques, cues and behavioral states as well as broader developmental benefits.


Bedtime routines, especially those including infant massage, have shown to improve multiple aspects of the sleep cycle for both the child and the parent/caregiver.

In our classes, parents/caregivers learn quiet activities (massage, nurturing touch, lullabies etc.) and spend time recognizing their child’s ways of communicating, which are ideal for bedtime routines and can make nights less stressful for everyone.

Reduces likelihood of emotional / behavioral issues later on

Multiple studies have shown that children of parents who are more responsive, including through touch, are less likely to suffer from emotional and behavioral problems.

Our classes promote communication and responsiveness. Parents/Caregivers are the experts on their babies and are encouraged to spend time recognizing their baby’s cues and different ways of communicating in order to increase responsiveness.